JMG's Projects

Mixed Reality Framework for Interactive Animation of Proteins

Jean-Marc Gauthier (Virtual Technology & Design, University of Idaho), Brian Cleveley (Virtual Technology & Design, University of Idaho), Brandon Ogbunu, (Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology faculty, Brown University), Jagdich Patel (Center for Modeling Complex Interactions, University of Idaho) and undergraduate students from Virtual Technology & Design (College of Art & Architure, University of Idaho) develop a mixed reality interaction with animated proteins.

Genome, phenome, protein, EPSCOR, NSF Grant, Genome to Phenome, biophysical protein models, genetic variations, phenotypes.

This illustrates a fully interactive molecule of β-Lactamase, we are creating. Someone visiting the mixed reality environment can spend a fair amount of time exploring a virtual protein and acquiring more intimate knowledge about its flexibility and deformations. A person can interact with an atom’s position in space - shown as red spheres - using a virtual reality headset with controllers or an augmented reality tablet. A viewer can intuitively modify the simulation of a biomolecular system in real-time.

We are designing this project for an audience of high school students and scientists. This range of users requires using simple elements that can be assembled to create complex and accurate systems. While collaborating with other people, standing around a virtual protein, a player/user can access all the data of the protein which is part of the genotype. They can select the data that needs to be interpreted and try a new approach for the protein structure. This project is funded by a EPSCOR Track-2 NSF Grant.